Beam And Block

Why choose beam and block flooring?

Now in our seventh decade of business, the team here at Longley Concrete has plenty of experience in supplying clients across the UK with our diverse range of beam and block floor products.

We are particularly passionate about our beam and block, which incorporates modern materials into traditional building methods to offer an effective solution for both upper and ground floors.

Some of the key benefits of our beam and block flooring system are:

1) Easy installation

With little ground preparation necessary and beam and block being extremely quick to install, the product can ensure that jobs are completed in ample time and with significant labour savings.

2) High performance

As the flooring system is draught proof, rot proof and fire resistant, there are no concerns over the quality of beam and block. Its rigid construction also results in minimal shrinkage, no creaks and a lack of bounce that is associated with timber floors.

3) Safe working platform

Straight after beam and block is installed it can provide an immediate working platform, allowing you to get on with the task at hand.

4) All-weather form of construction

Beam and block is an all-weather form of construction and can be installed in all conditions without the need for special skills.

5) Available in two widths

Our floor beams are available in two widths, which are both at 175mm deep: the standard beam section and widened beam section.

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You can alternatively talk through your requirements with someone from our head office in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, by either calling 01924 464 283 or emailing [email protected].