Beam and Block

Q. In what increments are your beams manufactured?

Our beams are produced in 50mm increments

Q. Can any length of floor beams be ordered?

You can order floor beams from 500mm to 7500mm

Q. Do you stock beams off the shelf?

Yes we do stock beams off the shelf – please contact us for further details.

Q. What are the suggested floor finishes for traditional beam and block floors?

The most common floor finish for a Longley beam and block floor is insulation and screed, however an insulated chipboard finish can also be applied.

Q. What are the suggested floor finishes for insulated floors?

A reinforced concrete topping should always be applied to an insulated floor. Please refer to the specific BBA/Kiwa certificate for the reinforcement specification.

Q. Does your installation allow for the brick in-filling between the beams?

Yes we can include the brick in-filling between beams,  if you would like us to include these in your quote, please let us know.

Q. Are you able to provide the structural finish that is needed on top of the precast floors?

Our installation of the floor does not include the floor finish.

Q. What are your beam depths?

Longley Concrete beams are available at 175mm deep, in two widths – 106mm and 160mm. Read more about the Longley beam details here.

Q. What infill block do I need to buy?

The infill blocks should be 100mm thick with a compressive strength of 3.5N/mm2 or 7.0N/mm2 and be able to support a minimum transverse load of 3.5kN on a 420mm span. Where blocks are built into loadbearing walls the compressive strength must not be less than that of the blocks used in the wall construction. For garage floor applications, blocks with 7.0N/mm2 compressive strength should be used

Q. I am constructing a small extension to the side of my house, but have little knowledge on what is required to install a precast floor, do you offer advice and provide drawings to allow me to carry out the work myself?

We can assist with drawings for you to approve and can offer advice about the correct precast floor to use for an extension or similar.

Q. How long would it take to install the precast flooring?

As respected beam and block floor suppliers, we know that this really depends on the scale and nature of the project, but as an example, we would expect our installation teams to install approximately 200m² per day.