Suitable concrete staircase applications

From their factory in Northern Ireland, Longley Concrete manufacture and supply bespoke precast concrete staircases that are both designed and installed to match your specific requirements.

These boast fantastic sound insulation and fire resistance, along with minimised disruption and safe installation due to the products being constructed off site.

Longley has provided concrete stairs for a number of projects across the UK, including:

1) Educational establishments

Staircases can be found in the majority of primary schools, high schools, colleges and universities throughout the country, with some opting for slip resistance features such as aluminium edgings to minimise accidents. Back in 2016, Longley Concrete supplied its staircases to both Elgin High School and South of the City school in Aberdeen.

2) Sports venues

There are hundreds of sports venues across the UK that make clever use of staircases to maximise their attendances. As outlined in this article, a few years ago Longley Concrete installed staircases and stadia seating at the iconic south London-based Herne Hill Velodrome, one of the oldest cycling tracks in the world.

3) Airports

In the hustle and bustle of a busy airport you cannot always make time to wait for the lift. Longley Concrete know this only too well, and have previously secured a contract with Gama Aviation to provide Aberdeen Airport with staircases and hollowcore flooring.

4) Care homes and other residential buildings

Finally, it is just as important to have a secure staircase in a residential environment as it is in a  commercial one. Longley Concrete has been the exclusive supplier of precast concrete products to LNT Construction, a leading care home provider, for over two decades, installing over 150 precast concrete staircases.

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Longley Concrete’s experienced engineers can advise you on what would suit your project best, including standard straight flights or precast winding staircases.

You can talk to a member of the team today by either calling 01924 464 283 or emailing [email protected].