TETRiS high performance insulation blocks replace concrete blocks in a traditional beam and block floor to enable builders to construct eco-friendly suspended ground floors in a fraction of the time and cost.

TETRiS insulation blocks work in conjunction with pre-stressed concrete floor beams to form a fixed floor level above the beams whatever the floor’s size, reducing design costs. The insulation blocks are covered with concrete to produce a fully insulated finished structural floor slab.

Benefits of Tetris Insulation

  • Increases the floor’s thermal efficiency
  • Eliminates cold bridging
  • Three times the Sustainable Homes credits compared to a concrete beam and block floor
  • 100% recyclable
  • Lightweight, easy to handle
  • Strong, robust
  • Able to withstand foot traffic during the build process
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How Can TETRiS Help?

TETRiS can provide typical U-values as low as 0.16W/m2K, giving flexibility in designs of other elements in order to achieve the required Target Emissions Rating (TER). The TETRiS system also ensures design compliance by embracing the Robust Construction Details, BRE report: Thermal insulation: Avoiding risks 2002 edition and information paper IP01/06 : Assessing the effects of thermal bridging at junctions and around openings in the external elements of buildings, BRE 2006.