Longley Concrete Ltd provide bespoke configurations of precast concrete stair units and landings, designed and installed to your project’s exact requirements.


  • Rapid installation on site
  • Safe and clean installation through offsite manufacturing facilities
  • Immediate floor to floor access for follow on trades
  • Fire resistance
  • Excellent noise reduction and sound insulation
  • Staircases and landings are manufactured off site, minimizing disruption
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Bespoke Configurations

With manufacturing capabilities across the UK, Longley Concrete Ltd is well placed to meet the demands of busy construction customers and can provide standard straight flights or precast winding staircases.

Our experienced engineers can advise you on what would best suit your project.

Longley Concrete Ltd has 70 years experience in delivering precast concrete solutions to the construction industry and our staircases have the same high quality finish as all our concrete products.

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