Lift Shafts

lift shafts

Longley Concrete Ltd manufacture and supply high quality precast concrete lift shafts. Construction is completed off site to minimise disruption and to assist with the build programme. We can manufacture bespoke lift shafts to suit individual requirement, and can build up to 6 storey shafts.

Benefits of Lift Shaft Installation

  • Bespoke size and configuration options, up to 6 storeys
  • Simple and quick to install on site
  • Construction is completed off site to minimise disruption
  • Speed of construction and installation means the build programme remains on schedule
  • Reduction in site problems during mechanical installation
  • Reduced site labour and costs
  • Reduced Health and Safety risks
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Precast concrete lift shafts are becoming more popular, with demand for these quick-to-install products increasing due to the demand for more multi-storey living.

Traditionally the lift install could be one of the problematic elements of a construction job, with Longley however, the engineered shaft can be delivered and installed in less than a day.

Watch a Longley Concrete lift shaft installation by clicking below:

Longley Concrete Ltd has 70 years experience in delivering precast concrete solutions to the construction industry and our lift shafts have the same high quality finish as all our concrete products.

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