Technical Details

Our Top Sheet Insulated Flooring is quick and easy to install. Comprised of 175 mm deep pre-stressed concrete beams, infilled with lightweight expanded polystyrene (EPS) blocks which are supplied in easy-to-handle lengths enabling fast installation.

Completed with a structural concrete topping reinforced with either polypropylene fibres or steel mesh, laid over a top sheet of EPS insulation.

Easy To Install

Structural performance

– the structural engineer must ensure that the concrete beams and structural topping are suitable for the intended use.

EPS infill blocks and top sheets

– the EPS infill blocks and top sheets provide a formwork to the structural concrete topping; only the top sheets make a further contribution to the long-term structural performance of the floor in the form of load spreading, once the structural concrete topping has been placed and has obtained its full design strength
– installation of EPS panels requires free movement of beams; this will also assist with fitting multiple beam units and thicker units
– placing beams in contact with parallel walls shall be avoided as this creates a cold bridge
– it is good practice to begin each bay with a starter unit
– the span of the concrete topping over the first or last beam shall be no greater than 300 mm
– to reduce the risk of accidental penetration of the EPS during the construction phase spacers for
supporting mesh reinforcement should be located on spreader plates over the EPS top sheets.

Guidance for the specifiers of T-beam supported suspended floors

– partition walls running parallel to beams shall be installed directly above, or within a maximum distance from supporting beams
– partition walls perpendicular to beams shall be supported by a minimum number of beams according to the Agrément holder’s requirements
– there are not to be joints in the topsheets running parallel to and above the PCC beam or beams within the width of the beam or beams for their full length, nor joints perpendicular to the PCC beam or beams within the width of the beam or beams within 375 mm of the centreline of a span perpendicular partition
– the exact position of partition walls will vary according to beam width and configuration

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