Top Sheet Insulated Flooring

Longley Concrete’s insulated Top Sheet flooring system consists of 175mm deep pre-stressed concrete beams, infilled with lightweight expanded polystyrene (EPS) blocks which are supplied in easy-to-handle lengths enabling fast installation. The EPS blocks are available in a range of configurations providing a flexible approach to achieving U-values. The floor is completed with a structural concrete topping reinforced with either polypropylene fibres or steel mesh, laid over a top sheet of EPS insulation.


• Flexible U-value performance
• Thermal conductivity as low as 0.030 w/mK
• Easy to install and can be laid in wet conditions
• Reduce your excavation and soil removal
• Reduced waste
• Faster build
• No specialist skills needed
• A+ BRE Green Guide rating

Longley Concrete’s Top Sheet EPS insulation units negate the need for concrete blocks, fitting neatly between concrete T-beams to provide both the total floor insulation and a framework on which to lay the structural concrete topping.
The shape of the panels has been developed carefully to minimise thermal bridging at the critical point between the wall and floor.
When installed, the Top Sheet system can form an unbridged layer of insulation above the T-beams, along with the infill units. This maximises the thermal insulation potential of the ground floor.

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Top Sheet Insulated Flooring

Top Sheet Cross Section


  • Springvale Beamshield Top Sheet is approved by KIWA BDA under certificate number BAF 17-056/01/A.
  • KIWA BDA is Europe’s largest, technical approved accreditation body
  • S and B floors’ Warmbeam Top Sheet flooring is approved by BBA under certificate number 17/5431
  • The Top Sheet system has been thoroughly tested by UKAS testing labs to meet British and European standards
  • Top Sheet Insulated flooring is accepted by NHBC
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