Finishes & Service Runs

Floor Finishes

The grouted precast floor provides a firm working platform for following trades and is a suitable base for either sand / cement screeds or timber finishes. As all prestressed floor units are cambered, levelling screeds or packing may be required when laying floating finishes. Where required a structural concrete topping can be laid together with the joint infill to form a composite concrete floor to increase the strength of the flooring system.

Ceiling Finishes

Textured paint finishes or plaster finishes may be applied to Hollowcore planks in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Plaster manufacturers may require the application of a bonding agent. (Plastered finishes are not recommended for longer spans).

For suspended ceilings, plasterboard manufacturers have developed ceiling fixing systems using galvanised metal channels and hangers that can be fixed directly to the soffit of all types of floor. These fixing systems may be used instead or timber battens.

Ceiling Fixings

Proprietary site drilled anchor systems are suitable for fixing suspended ceilings, and when installed to the manufacturer’s instructions, these provide a simple and economic fixing method.

Anchor fixing systems can be suitable for suspended disabled persons hoists. Shot firing of fixings into prestressed concrete is not recommended.

Horizontal Services

The essential services for a modern dwelling including plumbing, central heating, lighting and power circuits can be accommodated in ducts within the floor finish or the suspended ceiling void. Larger services such as waste pipes can be run in skirting ducts around the perimeter of the floor.

The screed on a screeded finish should be deep enough to bury pipework and conduits for electrical wiring, whilst timber battens can be fixed directly on top of the precast floor, or supported on spacers. Services can be run between the battens.

Vertical Services

Holes for soil pipe openings may be formed during manufacture of the units, or subject to the design capacity of the unit. Large openings for services or roof lights are normally trimmed with steelwork.