Hollowcore floor planks are precast concrete elements with continuous longitudinal voids providing an efficient lightweight section. When grouted, the shear key between adjacent planks ensures that the individual planks behave similarly to a monolithic slab. Hollowcore planks may be used to produce a diaphragm to resist horizontal forces, either with or without a structural topping.

Benefits of Precast Concrete Floors

  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Improved sound and thermal insulation
  • Immediate working platform
  • Eco friendly and 100% recyclable
  • Fire resistant
  • Supported on masonry or steel
  • For commercial and industrial applications
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Flexibility and Design

Precast floors can generally span greater distances than timber, providing the designer with more options.

Any alterations to the floor layout can be accommodated by the homeowner at a later stage, without the need of any further structural works to the floor.

Separating Floors

Hollowcore floors hold a robust detail relating to Approved Document Part E ‘Resistance to the Passage of Sound’ and can therefore be used without the need to carry out pre-completion site tests.

Upper Floors in Houses

Noise at home is a major source of concern to occupants. Concrete upper floors provide improved sound insulation between floors – essential for households with families. Also block partition walls can be supported on precast floors, further improving sound insulation between rooms.

Easy Installation

Installation of the Hollowcore floor planks is straightforward. The units are hoisted into position on the supporting structure by crane and the joints grouted with 20 N/mm2 concrete using a maximum 10 mm aggregate to form a monolithic floor. Longley Concrete Floors provide a complete professional service and employ their own trained/experienced fixing teams to install the precast concrete products, operating on a national basis. Risk Assessments and Safe Working Method Statements are carried out by a Contracting Team.


Masonry homes with concrete floors are energy efficient and their mass helps to balance internal temperatures, thus avoiding the need for air conditioning which can be noisy and harmful to the environment.

Flood Resistant

It is becoming more common to build on flood planes due to the lack of land. In the event of flash floods, concrete floors dry out easily and quickly and remain in place.

Squeak Resistant

Due to the density of concrete and its limited deflection, concrete floors inherently do not cause sound transmission when walked on.

Pest Resistant

Concrete products are completely resistant to vermin, rot and termites. It is inorganic and of no nutritional interest to pests thus the structure will remain intact for the life of the building.

Immediate Working Platform

The completed floor provides an immediate working platform for follow on trades. This reduces site delays to a minimum.

Fire Resistant

The safety of you and your family are paramount should a fire start. Traditional masonry construction including concrete floors gives four times longer to exit, ie 2 hours protection against 30 minutes for timber. Concrete is inherently fireproof with no need for anti-fire chemical treatment and its thermal capacity absorbs heat from the fire, thus cooling it reducing the rate of spread from ignition to full fire.

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