GDeck Insulated Flooring

Gdeck Insulated Flooring

The Gdeck EPS Panel System is a revolutionary new way to insulate ground floors. The system comprises of Longley prestressed concrete beams and Gdeck EPS insulation panels. The silver infill insulation panels provide high thermal performance which are then combined with high density white EPS rails which gives the floor its strength. Unlike competitors’ flooring solutions, the Gdeck system does not require any additional sheet insulation, thus significantly reducing installation time.

The Benefits

  • Extremely quick install times for groundworkers
  • Easy to fit insulation panels
  • Symmetrical products with rails locatable on either side of infill panel
  • Finished floor easily monitored for quality assurance
  • Instant photographic evidence can be taken to prove correct installation
  • Load bearing rails show groundworker safe areas to walk on
  • Improved speed of install compared with alternative insulated flooring systems
  • Multi Rails remove need for grouting multiple beam locations
  • Removes need for top sheet insulation
  • Psi Strip™ can be supplied to reduce thermal bridging at perimeter of floor
  • Achieves U-values as low as 0.123 W/m²K
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EPS Infill Blocks & Load Bearing Rails

The EPS infill blocks and load bearing rails enable a floor to meet the design U-values specified in the documents supporting the Building Regulations and can contribute to minimising the risk of interstitial and surface condensation in floors.

The blocks and rails are stable, rot-proof and durable and will remain for the life of the building in which it is installed.

Gdeck Cross Section


  • Gdeck is approved by KIWA BDA under certificate numbers BAF 17-059/01/A (R1) and BAF 18-084/01/A (R2)
  • KIWA BDA is Europe’s largest, technical approved accreditation body
  • Gdeck has been thoroughly tested by UKAS testing labs to meet British and European standards
  • Gdeck is accepted by NHBC
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