Beam and Block for Ground Floors

A minimum void of 150mm must be provided between the soffit of the floor and the solum.

A continuous damp proof course must be laid beneath the beams.

Infill blocks to be standard solid light aggregate/concrete 440 x 215 x 100mm. Minimum compressive strength of 3.5 N/mm-2 or 7.0 N/mm-2 with a traverse load capacity of 3.5 kN on a 420mm span.

To seal the joints, the whole floor should be grouted with a nominal 3:1 sharp sand/cement mix as soon as possible after fixing the floor joists and blocks. Brush the grout over the floor with a stiff broom after the surface has been well ‘wetted’. Ensure the grout penetrates into the joints to provide a rigid construction.

Floor finishes applied directly to the grouted floor can be: chipboard on polystyrene, screed or asphalt.

When a beam and block floor is used in a domestic garage or similar application where high concentrated loads are evident, a 75mm concrete topping, reinforced with A142 mesh must be applied directly to the top of the beams and blocks.

Beam and Block for Upper Floors

This guide to beam and block for upper floors, written by our sales director, informs you on the benefits of using this type of flooring for first floors and more.

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