Beam and Block Ancillary Products

Longley Concrete Group stock a large range of ancillaries to compliment and support beam and block joists at both ground and upper floor levels.


The Manthorpe G930 Airbrick has been designed to provide high levels of ventilation into cavity walls and underfloor voids.

Telescopic Underfloor Void Ventilator

The G960/G965 Telescopic Underfloor Void Ventilator is designed to provide a clear airflow passage to the void underneath a suspended floor. When used with 225 x 75mm airbrick this will provide the maximum ventilation requirements, and can be adjusted between 3 and 5/5 and 8 courses. The airbrick has a front mounted insect grille together with a water deflector, and is available in brown, black, red and buff, to suit most facing brickwork.

Extension Sleeve

The G961 Vertical/Horizontal Extension Sleeve enables adjustment of a further two brick courses vertically per sleeve. The sleeves can also be fitted to the base of the G960 to provide horizontal extension through larger cavities.

Coursing Blocks

Used as tools for coursing, these are commonly placed below the floor beams on either the internal or external skins.

All our coursing blocks have a minimum compressive strength of 10N/mm² and come in the following sizes:
380 x 100 x 45mm deep (204 No/ pack)
380 x 140 x 45mm deep (136 No / pack)
440 x 100 x 90mm deep (160 No / pack)

End Closure Blocks

end closure blocks


Used to close off the joist ends thereby speeding up erection.

Size: 440 x 100 x 165mm and 440 x 140 165mm.

end coursing blocks


Alternatively, common brickwork can be used to infill beam ends.

Uniclip Ceiling Clips

UNICLIPS are supplied to enable the fixing of plasterboard ceilings to the underside of our beam and block floors. They enable the fixing of ceiling battens in either direction with a full ‘After-Fix’ capability. The slender legs allow upward or sideways nailing as preferred with easy twisting on site to required orientation.

The standard nominal length (total height to internal of folded dace) is 195mm, and they are made with 0.7—0.8 Galvanised Mild Steel. As with all ‘Fix-After’ clips, fixing is advised prior to grouting the floor.

Steel Angle Trimmers and Joist Shoes

Steel angle trimmers and joist shoes are manufactured to trim openings at upper floor levels.

ancillaries trimmer

Steel Trimmer

ancillaries trimmer 2

Joist Shoe 

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