Quick and easy offsite lift shaft production

Longley Concrete’s bespoke precast concrete lift shafts are constructed to a high standard in controlled factory conditions ahead of installation, minimizing health and safety issues on site as well as environmental impacts.

Jonathan McLaughlin, Director of the Northern Ireland manufacturing plant commented “We design and manufacture precast lift shafts offsite at our factory in Northern Ireland. This allows us to produce the concrete sections in a safe environment to our customer’s requirements. Once manufactured we ship UK-wide direct to site, and precision engineering means that the sections are quick and safe to install.”

He continued “There are many benefits to  our offsite casting, not least the fact that the noise and disruption of major concrete construction work is minimised at the site itself. The build schedule is also easier to manage when manufacture is completed offsite and delivered to an agreed schedule.” The speed by which the lift shafts can be constructed once they arrive on site can be seen in this time lapse video, where two lift shafts were constructed by the Longley installation team.

The precast lift shaft installation was the first stage of the construction of a retirement home and saw two, three-storey lift shafts being installed in just one day. The video shows the lift pit (which is coated in latex modified bitumen to stop water ingress), door openings, lift cap and lifting beam to aid with the installation of the lift car, along with demonstrating the wavy tail anchor system, which enables easy lifting and fixing of the components. Their modular composition means lift shaft elements arrive on-site ready to be assembled – saving installation time, labour cost and minimizing health and safety issues – when compared to traditional construction methods. The plant in Northern Ireland manufacture bespoke precast concrete lift shafts, staircases and stadia. The company also supply precast concrete flooring including beam and block, hollowcore and insulated flooring.

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