Lift shaft orders are going up!

Longley Concrete has seen an increase in the commissioning of its precast concrete lift shafts, which continue to be in demand for multi-story buildings such as apartment blocks and retirement homes.

Lift shafts are manufactured at Longley’s facility in Ireland, which has seen substantial investment in the last few years with the addition of a new lift shaft mould, a gantry crane and staircase moulds. Longley also has a production facility and head office in West Yorkshire and a manufacturing base in London.

Modular precast lift shafts are installed during the early stages of the build, and Longley Concrete can install an entire shaft in one day. The elements that make up the lift shaft are manufactured offsite and delivered direct to site when needed for quick installation. The components include door openings, lift pit,  lift cap and a lifting beam to aid with the installation of the lift car. All lift shafts are bespoke and can be made in 50mm increments from 1500mm x 1500mm to 2000mm x 3000mm.

This video demonstrates the ease by which a lift shaft can be installed, from the lift pit base through to the lift cap, the whole structure can be installed in a day.  The lift pits are coated in latex modified bitumen to protect against water ingress and the wavy tail anchor system enables easy lifting and fixing of the components.

For further details about the Longley Concrete bespoke lift shafts, please contact sales on 01924 464 283, or email [email protected].