Insulated Flooring

The benefits of Longley Concrete’s insulated flooring

The growing popularity of energy-efficient homes over recent years has led to those operating in the building materials sector to carefully consider how they can improve the eco-friendliness of their work.

As well as ensuring that properties are fully sealed and possess the best heating and cooling units, insulation has always been identified as an essential part of the process. Whilst loft and wall insulation have typically been known as some of the easiest ways to reduce carbon footprint, there is no reason to stop there.

According to TheGreenAge, a well-known energy saving advice portal, around 10% of the heat produced by boilers will disappear through the floor.

Taking this into account, today the team at Longley Concrete is outlining a few of the benefits of their precast concrete insulated flooring range, which includes Gdeck above beam and Beamshield Top Sheet flooring:

It is built to perform

Longley Concrete’s Gdeck and Beamshield Top Sheet insulated flooring systems achieve U-values as low as 0.123 W/m2K and 0.10 W/m2K respectively. With low U-values being proven to save homeowners money, provide better indoor thermal comfort and even play a hand in preventing surface mould growth, these products deliver on all counts.

It is easy to install

Due to their use of polystyrene panels, both the Gdeck and Beamshield Top Sheet systems boast extremely quick install times, which in turn minimises the time needed to be spent on site. Finished floors can be easily monitored and instant photographic evidence can be taken to prove correct installation.

It is certified

Gdeck and Beamshield Top Sheet have been thoroughly tested by UKAS testing labs to meet both British and European standards and are also accepted by NHBC.

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Gdeck Above Beam