Hollowcore flooring in demand for apartment developers

Longley Concrete is at the forefront of the UK’s precast concrete industry. The business manufactures and supplies a range of precast concrete floor products, such as hollowcore, for the commercial  and house building sectors. Recently the company has seen a huge increase in projects for precast hollowcore flooring for use in upper floors of houses and apartment buildings.

These projects include a number of new apartments at the Wharf Lane Gasworks in West London and the Holywell Bay development in Cornwall, which features nine four-bedroom houses and one five-bedroom home, as well as a luxury development of detached properties in Surrey.

Many developers are keen to capitalise on the benefits that hollowcore flooring offers:

Easy to install

Quick installation ensures a reduction in building programme time and site costs. The planks are hoisted into position with a crane where the joints are then grouted together.

Immediate working platform

Hollowcore provides an immediate platform for work, ensuring there is no delay in the construction process.

Fire resistant

Concrete is a non-combustible material and it also acts as a solid barrier which will contain not only the fire but the smoke, which is the primary cause of most fatalities in fire accidents.

Eco friendly

Longley Concrete’s hollowcore concrete planks boost the energy efficiency of masonry homes as their mass helps to balance internal temperatures and therefore reduce the need for harmful air conditioning.


Concrete flooring is extremely durable and completely resistant to rot and infestations from pests and vermin.

Longley Concrete offer hollowcore on a supply and fix basis. Their experienced team will install and fit it quickly and professionally on site, minimising disruption.

For more information on hollowcore flooring or if you would like to know more about the Longley Concrete’s range of precast concrete products, please feel free to get in touch now by calling 01924 464 283.