Hollowcore Flooring

Hollowcore flooring in demand

With a wide range of market-leading precast concrete products, Longley Concrete is always keeping up to date with trends in the building materials sector.

As touched on in this article, one thing that Longley Concrete has seen recently is an increased demand for Hollowcore flooring from developers, particularly for use in the upper floors of both houses and apartment buildings.

The first article covered five key advantages of Hollowcore flooring – easy to install, provides an immediate working platform, fire resistant, eco-friendly and longevity. However, there are three more advantages for using this lightweight and versatile flooring:

1) Flexible

Due to the fact that precast flooring generally spans larger distances than timber, they provide the designer with far more options. This means that any amendments to the layout of the floor can be made at a later stage as opposed to needing further structural works to the floor.

2) Squeak resistant

Thanks to the density of concrete and its reduced deflection, those with Hollowcore planks benefit hugely from its high resistance to both impact and airborne sound transmission, contributing to satisfying the latest Building Regulations, along with its inherent squeak resistance.

3) Varied applications

Hollowcore flooring is durable, low-maintenance and fire resistant. It can be used in a variety of applications, including commercial and industrial. Last year for instance, Longley Concrete provided Hollowcore and precast staircases for the first, second and third floors of a hotel on the Isle of Man.

For more information on Longley Concrete’s precast Hollowcore flooring, please click here.

Having made substantial investments in new production facilities, they are extremely well placed to meet the requirements of large house builders and construction organisations throughout the whole of the UK from their factories in Yorkshire, London and Northern Ireland.

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