Through a relationship that spans over two decades, Longley Concrete and Gleeson Homes have continued to set the standard throughout the UK for affordable, energy efficient new build housing.

Responsible for providing Gleeson’s entire geographical region with insulated flooring systems, from Nottingham to Northumberland, Longley Concrete, part of Ibstock Concrete, has supported Gleeson Homes with the construction of 673 new build properties in 2020 alone, providing 34,500 sq. metres of its high quality Gdeck insulated flooring.

As a developer that is committed to building sustainable homes to the highest quality, the continued specification of Longley Concrete’s revolutionary precast concrete Gdeck system represents the combined commitment and core strategic values of both companies to construct new housing that is not only fit for purpose, but also fit for the future.

Gleeson Homes made the decision to switch from traditional beam flooring systems to Longley Concrete’s insulated solutions almost 15 years ago to support the continued efficiency and sustainability of its developments.

Michael Longley, Managing Director of Longley Concrete, said: “Improving the level of thermal productivity to ensure homes achieve the highest standards in sustainability, whilst also assisting potential homeowners in achieving lower living costs, are two of the key drivers in the specification of our insulated solutions.

“Flooring insulation has always been identified as an essential part of ensuring properties reach an adequate level of thermal efficiency, with our innovative Gdeck offering taking this commitment even further.”

The Gdeck system not only significantly improves thermal performance, but the simple method of installation supports sustainable construction as very little cutting is required. The unique installation method also supports safe and secure construction, as the load bearing rails highlight the safest areas that ground works engineers can walk on.

Gdeck flooring

The Gdeck system comprises of Longley Concrete’s prestressed concrete beams and Gdeck EPS insulation panels to provide the highest standards in thermal performance. The high density of the EPS rails give the floor its significant strength, and unlike other concrete flooring solutions, the system doesn’t require any additional sheet insulation, significantly reducing installation time.

Simon Utley, Group Commercial Director at Gleeson Homes, said: “When we made the transition to Longley Concrete’s Gdeck flooring three years ago, our leading motivation was to further improve the sustainability and thermal efficiency of our developments. We chose this system as we have specified Longley Concrete’s insulated flooring systems for over 15 years, so knew it was the most suitable material available on the market to fulfil our aims.”

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