Hollowcore Month Article

Fantastic Hollowcore month for Longley Concrete

Longley Concrete is excited to announce that the business secured a record-breaking number of sales of hollowcore flooring in May.

The sales figures are the highest since February 2017, which was also an exceptional month for sales of Hollowcore flooring, and are reflective of a general increase in sales across the board at Longley Concrete.

Hollowcore flooring is lightweight and versatile and is particularly in demand with developers for use in apartment buildings, schools, hospitals and commercial developments. There are numerous reasons for this popularity; the fact that the product is easy to install, fire resistant, eco-friendly, durable and provides an immediate working platform helps, as does its flexibility, squeak resistance and ability to feature in various applications.

In addition to hollowcore, Longley Concrete performed well over the course of the second quarter of 2018 across their entire precast concrete range. This includes beam and block, staircases, lift shafts and insulated flooring.

Commenting on the above, Longley Concrete’s Technical Director and manager of the hollowcore department, Vanessa Dunkley, says:

“After our promising results for the last financial year, it’s fantastic to see the business striving to push forward. Hollowcore has been and continues to be a highly sought-after product for us, so we expected to see these kind of figures.

“From employees to suppliers, we’d once again like to thank everyone involved for their hard work, and we look forward to seeing where this takes us in the future.”

Longley Concrete continues to thrive with the addition of a number of new starters in both the Hollowcore and Beam and Block estimating departments as well as recruiting for a Higher Level Apprentice Estimator to join the business.

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