High-Rise Living Article

High-rise living and lift shafts

High-rise living is extremely popular in the UK at the moment. According to research carried out by the think tank Centre for Cities, since the start of the 21st century, the nation’s population has increased by 10% and the levels of those living in many towns and cities has doubled.

Though many of the original apartment blocks that were built in the 1950s and 60s have been demolished, the ones that survived are experiencing a resurgence. The increased amount of people all need housing, and as a result, property developers are being encouraged by planners to literally look upwards rather than on the ground, where space is currently at a premium.

This has led to roughly 70% of the high-rise buildings that are under construction or consideration in the UK being primarily for residential use, with over 85% of these in London and the rest across the likes of Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool.

In other countries, with Singapore being a prime example, a staggering percentage live in multi-storey accommodation. As such, innovative design solutions and regulations have been implemented to further improve the quality of life at height.

Having supplied their precast concrete lift shafts to the building materials sector for a number of years, Longley Concrete has seen a surge in popularity for this particular product first hand.

Traditionally one of the trickier construction jobs to carry out, the company’s engineered shafts can now be delivered and installed in less than one day. To minimise disruption and make sure that the build programme remains on schedule, construction of the lift shafts is completed off site too. This minimises the likelihood of on-site problems, cost of site labour and health and safety risks.

Better still, they can be designed for use with any lift manufacturer and any configuration and are all manufactured with in-factory tested lift pits, door openings, lift caps and lifting beams.

For more general, technical, loading and installation information on the business’s bespoke lift shafts, which can go up to six storeys high, please click here. Alternatively, click here to read a case study on Longley Concrete’s supply of lift shafts to LNT Construction, who has been a client for over 20 years.

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