Why use beam & block for upper floors?

Why use beam & block for upper floors?

Beam and block flooring can be used for upper floors in houses, particularly where additional sound and thermal insulation is required.

A beam and block upper floor provides a sound structural base and has many benefits, although it is not always considered for upper floors. This article assesses the main areas to think about when specifying a precast concrete upper floor:

Acoustic Performance

The most common complaint of noise in domestic properties is squeaky floors caused by timber – this is eradicated with concrete. With the ever-evolving world of technology, changes in wireless speaker quality and VR gaming means that noise can easily be transmitted through floors in homes.  Concrete beam and block flooring is excellent at reducing floor-to-floor noise and should be considered for upper floors.

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Fire Rating

Concrete has a far greater fire rating than timber. Safety is key. Using a precast concrete beam and block floor certainly reduces the risk of fire damage.

Using widened beams and constructed as we would recommend, the floor will provide 1 1/2 hours’ fire resistance.

A plasterboard ceiling can be easily installed using metal clips, 50 x 50mm timber battens and plasterboard; this inevitably increases the fire resistance.

Structural Quality

Concrete provides structurally sound and safe upper floor in homes. Both timber and concrete upper floors are more than adequate, suitable and tested, yet concrete has more tolerance and feels more structurally sound. When beam and block is used in upper floors and separates a dwelling from another dwelling, it has to comply with Building Regulations Approved Document E.

Services Adaptability

Beam and Block flooring for upper floors will be supplied with Ceiling Clips. These ceiling clips sit on the shoulder of the floor beam, dropping beneath the level of the floor and are suited typically for a 50 x 38mm batten. This will leave a void area between the soffit of the floor and the top side of the batten, allowing services to run to the underside of the floor.

Ease of Installation

Fixing any product at height is a worry and should only be carried out by qualified installers. Beam and block can be fitted in upper floors by our qualified team, or make sure to work with a members of the Precast Flooring Federation and adhere to their Code of Practice.

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Thermal Performance

The thermal performance of concrete is exceptional. Due to the properties of concrete it is conducive to retaining heat during the day and slowly dispersing that exact same heat during the night. Do you get cold at night? Are your heating bills going through the roof? Do you care about your carbon footprint? If the answer to any of the above is yes – then concrete is a viable option for you.

Material Longevity

Timber has an average lifespan of around 60 years. Compare this to concrete at 150+ years.

Material Cost

Beams are typically £10.00-£15.00 p/m² and blocks are £8.00-£11.00 p/m² depending on where you are in the country. Using beams and block for the first floors of your home, and indeed other upper floors, will provide a high quality, solid struct floor with additional sound and thermal qualities, when compared to timber.

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