Lift Shafts

Three key benefits of Longley Concrete lift shafts

Defined as a vertical shaft in a building which allows a lift to move through, lift shafts are popular in both commercial and domestic UK properties. While there has always typically been a need for them in the big, multi-storey office blocks, particularly in larger cities, they are now becoming more and more sought after thanks to the demand for high-rise living.

As a result of this Longley Concrete are today outlining three of the key benefits of their lift shafts:

1) Our lift shafts are bespoke

Longley Concrete lift shafts are manufactured to suit your specific requirements. Standard wall thicknesses are 125mm and 140mm, but these can be increased to meet design requirements and the shafts are made in 50mm increments from 1500m x 1500mm to 2000mm x 3000mm.

2) Precast lift shafts minimise labour

Our lift shaft construction methods minimise labour. To assist with the build programme, Longley Concrete lift shafts are produced off site. By minimising disruption and reducing site labour and costs, they prove to be an extremely cost-effective option and allow you to invest your budget in other areas.

3) They’re quick to install

Due to the lift shafts being manufactured off site, Longley Concrete boasts impressively quick install times. Traditionally the install has often been one of the trickier elements of construction, but not anymore. Lift shafts of up to four storeys can be installed within a day, thus increasing the likelihood of maintaining the build schedule.

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