Sustainability Investment

£100,000 Investment in Sustainability

As part of the company’s on going commitment to the Environment and Sustainability we are pleased to announce the successful commissioning of a Concrete Reclaimer at our Dewsbury site.

The recalimer supplied by Ecofrog from Germany, and installed with our own employees and local contractors will allow us to take wet concrete waste from our manufacturing process and transform it back into its basic ingredients (sand & gravel) that we will use the next day. We will then not only save on buying sand and gravel but more importantly reduce material sent to landfill.

With the underground tank we have installed using our own (pre-cast products) to harvest rain water and the secondary tank (also our own pre-cast products) used in conjunction with the reclaimer, we will significantly reduce our water usage as we use re-cycled water in a controlled process.

This investment of close to £100,000 highlights CR Longley’s commitment to their Dewsbury site and confirms their green credentials.