Advantages of TETRiS


  • Cost effective solution compared to traditional construction methods
  • Environmentally friendly – HCFC free, zero ODP, and fully recyclable
  • Guaranteed U-value of 0.22W/m2K whatever the floor’s size, giving flexibility in designs of other elements to achieve the required Target Emissions Rating
  • Strong and robust blocks, able to withstand foot traffic during the construction process and long-term static loads up 4kN/m2 (UDL)
  • Lightweight blocks speed up the installation process, allowing for considerable labour savings, and a reduction in site traffic and off-loading.
  • Zero cold bridging, ensures the flooring contributes towards meeting the Target Emissions Rating (TER)
  • 75mm structural topping courses perfectly with two bricks; giving constant design detailing
  • No need for a screeder as the structural floor is installed before the dwelling is built
  • Gas membrane is easily incorporated
  • Thermal performance is maintained for the life of the building due to the unique closed-cell structure
  • Various concrete topping options, option of a self compacting concrete, eliminating need to power float
  • Insulation integrity guaranteed – blocks sit on and between the beams in full view, eliminating the risk of sections not being installed
  • Versatile – works in conjunction with most types of pre-stressed concrete beams and can be used in many building types
  • Underfloor heating easily integrated